“The best way to learn is to teach it to someone else.”

Inspired by The Feynman Technique as taught by Scott Young and the ADEPT Method as taught by Kalid Azad at Better Explained, my goal is to become a better student by writing primers (beginner’s guides) to others who are also learning. It’s also an avenue for me to practice teaching in simple terms. I hope you find these helpful.

Below are my primers.


Serializers (Coming Soon)


3D Printing (Coming Soon)
Public-key cryptography (Public Key/Private Key) (Coming Soon)
VPN (Coming Soon)



The Feyman Technique for Rapid Learning
Holistic Learning (Coming Soon)
The ADEPT Method by Kalid Azad (Coming Soon)


Exposure (Coming Soon)
Composition (Coming Soon)
Lighting (Coming Soon)
Artificial Lights (Coming Soon)


Coffee (Coming Soon)
Audio (Coming Soon)
Mens Style (Coming Soon)