One of my goals this year is to contribute to open source and continue to give back to the community. These are my open source projects.

The Riddler Simulations

Practicing Elixir by writing simulations to puzzles by

Elevator Button Riddle

Click here to see the Elevator Button riddle on Riddler

In a building’s lobby, some number (N) of people get on an elevator that goes to some number (M) of floors. There may be more people than floors, or more floors than people. Each person is equally likely to choose any floor, independently of one another. When a floor button is pushed, it will light up.

Simulation code

The Grizzly Problem

Click here to see the Grizzly Problem on Riddler

A grizzly bear stands in the shallows of a river during salmon spawning season. Precisely once every hour, a fish swims within its reach. The bear can either catch the fish and eat it, or let it swim past to safety. This grizzly is, as many grizzlies are, persnickety. It’ll only eat fish that are at least as big as every fish it ate before.

Each fish weighs some amount, randomly and uniformly distributed between 0 and 1 kilogram. (Each fish’s weight is independent of the others, and the skilled bear can tell how much each weighs just by looking at it.) The bear wants to maximize its intake of salmon, as measured in kilograms. Suppose the bear’s fishing expedition is two hours long. Under what circumstances should it eat the first fish within its reach? What if the expedition is three hours long?

Simulation code


Scroll to top behavior with preserved browser history scroll position
(I’m the co-author of this Ember addon)

This is a tool to help save build times.

Easy way to use Bootstrap 4 in your Ember projects
(I’m no longer maintaining this project)


Auth strategy for Nike Plus


A Formula 1 Race Data written in Elixir/Phoenix


My Dotfiles to recreate my setup if necessary

vim configs
My current Vim configurations

A Dashboard of cute animals. You can see it running at